Why choose Analysis Recruitment?

Our mission is straightforward:

  1. To fully understanding the requirements of the role, going beyond the job spec and into the day to day practicalities of what's needed. 
  2. Understand the skills and needs of candidates to find people who are both capable of doing the role but also likely to fit into the Company's culture.
  3. To go far beyond just being a CV forwarding organisation: keeping candidates informed of latest trends/techniques via email and the website but also through analytical related events where they can learn more about prospective employers.

At Analysis Recruitment we aim to bring something different to the world of recruitment, based on our extensive experience of working directly on analytics projects as well as building teams of data and insight professionals over the last two decades.

With Analysis Recruitment you are getting a far more tailored service of matching the right person to the right role rather than just playing a game of snap matching buzzwords on a CV to requirements in a job description.

A role requiring an Analyst could need someone to manage a few Excel spreadsheets or it could be someone building predictive models and producing a segmentation or a more complex Data Scientist role.  Analysis Recruitment help to bring an understanding of the requirements of the role and an understanding of the candidates skill-set to achieve a better match rate.